Anthony Giglio places 2nd in the 3 point shooting contest at the 2015 Continental Cup.

Anthony was the 2014 Continental Cup champion. Congrats to Anthony and his performance in the 3 point shooting contest.

AAU Club #: WW7DW4

D Squad places 1st at Gus Macker 3-on-3 tournament in Norwich, NY on July 12th.

   The 18 year old team of Michael Warchol, Jerome Brabham, Tyvon Reed and Jalen Hawkins

   placed 1st place with a record of 5 wins and 1 loss.

   The 12 year old team of Josh Martin, Tanner Russin, Louis Robinson and Roy Robinson

   placed 1st  place with an undefeated record.

D Squad has strong showing at 2015 Continental Cup in Cleveland, Ohio.

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10th grade team places 2nd in the Continental Cup lead by Darvin Lovett Jr and Mekhi Warren.

The team entered the the Cleveland Cavs Quicken Arena on Sunday, July 5th undefeated and the number one seed. They fought a hard game and lost by 2 points to VAC of Cleveland, Ohio. Congrats to Coach Peterson and the team.

The 2015 Continental Cup slam dunk competition was dominated by D Squad with Zach Sawyer taking 1st place and Terrence Walker taking 2nd place. Congrats to Zach and Terrence for their outstanding performance at the slam dunk competition.

The 9th grade team finished 2 - 3 and the 11/12th grade team finished 3rd in the 2015 Continental Cup.

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